Lila Moss, 19, recently made a runway appearance for Fendi x Versace at the Milan Fashion Week with her supermodel mother Kate Moss.

But what caught people’s attention was the insulin pump attached to the upper left side of her thigh while she sashayed down the ramp in a bodysuit. The photographs that feature Lila, who has Type 1 diabetes, wearing an omnipod — a wireless insulin management system used by diabetics — received praise online.

“Absolutely love that you don’t hide your pod, you’re an inspiration to so many living with T1 diabetes,” one person wrote on her pictures, while another said, “Thank you for wearing your insulin pump so proudly”.

Another user, also a diabetic, gave a shoutout, “As a fellow T1 diabetic (and ex-model), THANK YOU for wearing your device on the freaking runway! You are a queen and I want these pics everywhere cos the more we share of T1 diabetes the better.”


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